Sunday, March 27, 2011


Although decluttering continues here, we're enjoying all sorts of activities as a family this weekend.

As I type this, Enthusiastic Explorer Boy (E2B) is happily watching Star Wars: A New Hope while Running Man rides his bike inside on a stand for 2 1/2 hours (!) next to him.  We let E2B watch his first Star Wars movie on his birthday when he turned seven last year.  I'm not quite ready to let him watch any of the newer movies, but he keeps hoping that I'll fold.

After watching one or both of her older siblings play soccer for the past three years, Miss Intrepid was finally old enough to join a peewee team at the local YMCA this spring.  Today was a practice session so that the kids could meet their coaches and teammates before games start next week.  I've never seen a child so excited to put on a pair of shin guards!

Watch out Mia Hamm!

Two years ago Princess Wonder saw a Highland dance competition at some Scottish Games and was absolutely mesmerized.  She sat for about an hour in 90+ degree weather and didn't move as she watched the competition.  For the next several months she talked about watching the dancers and, when it became clear that this interest was not just a passing fancy, I asked her if she'd like to learn this style of dance.  She enthusiastically said yes and has now been taking lessons for nearly a year and a half.  The students at Princess Wonder's dance studio always perform at a local Irish Festival on the demonstration stage (traditional Irish dancing and Scottish Highland dancing are distinct styles of dance, but it all seems to blend together nicely) and it is a great way in a relatively casual setting to dance in front of an audience.  Last year, despite only having danced for a few months, Princess Wonder said that she'd like to participate as well.  As it turns out, she was not quite ready to perform - even in a low key environment.

Stage fright set in and this is all that my little dancer was willing to do onstage last year - she was only too happy to exit stage right when her instructor finally stepped forward to see if she wanted to get down.

This year, however, was an entirely different story.  When I asked Princess Wonder earlier in the week if she wanted to try dancing at the festival this year she said that she wanted to.  She explained that after being on stage at school this week to receive her participation certificate for the science fair she wasn't nervous about the idea of dancing in front of people anymore.  And I have to say, that girl dances with a lot of joy!  Her smile and enthusiasm had me grinning from ear to ear.

Look at her go!  And the tongue out in concentration is beyond adorable.

I hope that you are having a weekend filled with joy wherever in the world you are!  I look forward to checking back in tomorrow for the reveal of Project Simplify's hot spot #4 and Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday.

"Things won are done, joy's soul lies in the doing."  ~Williams Shakespeare

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  1. We were at the festival and I'm sad I missed you guys... but I'm so so proud of PW! I think my little Peanut would love dancing with PW and was also mesmerized by the dancers yesterday. But seeing them dance together would definitely cause an overload of adorable...