Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2011 Goals Update #1

Last week I shared a list of goals for 2011 and, as I said then, I fully expected it to change in some way and it has.  Knowing myself as I do, it is a safe bet to guess that it will change yet again.  This is part of the beauty of lists...I can perform a proverbial brain dump and then when I remember something else - or come up with something entirely new - I can just add it on.  So the first order of business is to update my original list of 25 to become a list of 30.
  1. Knit something for each of my children to wear.
  2. Plant a vegetable garden this spring/summer.
  3. Plant a butterfly garden.
  4. Complete my Virginia Master Naturalist certification.
  5. Run a 10K in under one hour.
  6. Grow seedlings for a portion of the vegetable garden.
  7. Scrapbook regularly – paper or electronic (once a month?).
  8. Put my craft room into working order.
  9. Purge, purge, purge!
  10. Write letters via snail mail to my friends and loved ones (once a week?).
  11. Teach the big kids to knit.
  12. Learn how to sew using my sewing machine.
  13. Spend time delving into family history and combining documentation from my family and my husband’s family.
  14. Partner with the local elementary school to share environmental education opportunities with the students.
  15. Incorporate more handmade gifts into our family and holiday celebrations.
  16. Plan ahead and sign the kids up for summer camps that allow them to explore their passions and new things.
  17. Create a family mission statement.
  18. Volunteer as a family.
  19. Explore museums and historical sites around town.
  20. Shop at local farmers’ markets regularly throughout the spring and summer.
  21. Start nature journaling.
  22. Go geocaching and create a local cache.
  23. Have our backyard certified as a NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat.
  24. Go to the theater with the kids.
  25. Train for and participate in my first triathlon.
  26. Explore traditional methods of food preservation and learn to can.
  27. Make pasta from scratch.
  28. Get registered on the Direct Mail "do not mail" list.
  29. Actively manage retirement accounts and investments.
  30. Update will and estate plan.
Although I hadn't put any of this down on a formal list until I prepared last week's post, these are things that have been rattling around in my mind for some time and I have already taken steps in 2011 to meet some of these goals.  For the purpose of this blog, though, I will resist the temptation to check things off immediately (perhaps my fellow list makers out there can commiserate with the urge to add something to a list that has already been completed just to be able to check it off).  Instead, I will share progress as I make it and give a full report out at the end of the year.

So what progress have I made since last week?

Goal #4 - Prior to last week's goal post I had already met the basic and advanced training requirements for my Virginia Master Naturalist certification.  I had also completed about half of my volunteer requirement (40 hours annually).  I have started preparing a project proposal that, if approved by my chapter, will allow me to receive volunteer hours for my time spent working on goal #14.

Goal #14 - Earlier in the week I met with one of the fifth grade science teachers at my children's elementary school who is very enthusiastic about providing environmental learning opportunities for his students.  He has been awarded two grants this school year to purchase equipment in order to provide students with a meaningful watershed experience.  Later this month I will be supporting his efforts by wading out into the Chickahominy River with students to test water quality.  Hopefully this will just be a starting point and other opportunities will develop.

Goal #9 - The purge is on!  Between cleaning out my master closet and wardrobe as part of Simple Mom's Project Simplify and passing along part of my vintage Pyrex collection through a giveaway on this blog, I have made solid progress on decluttering during the past week.

Goal #16 - On Monday evening I attended a session offered by the county regarding summer enrichment opportunities.  This gave me some additional ideas for camps and other programs that the kids might enjoy this summer.  Next up...actually registering before things fill up.

Goal #19 - To help celebrate my birthday a little bit early, my Mom drove into town and took me out sans kids.  We visited the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts where we ate lunch at Amuse and visited the Pablo Picasso exhibit.  It was an incredible day and I was so very lucky to spend it in the company of my mother.

Mom and I after a great day at the VMFA.
All in all, good progress so far, though I've got a big task ahead of me between now and Friday to unleash my vengeance on hot spot #2.

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