Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Cast of Characters

I'd like to take a moment to introduce my family - they are my inspiration for making the changes that I am sharing in this space.

First is Running Man, my husband and partner of 11 years.  We met in college at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia and in most ways we complement each other quite well.  The fact that he is a great planner, very organized, and most certainly Type A means that my more fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants approach to life and home management can be stressful.  Luckily for both of us, there are elements of this that make me nuts, too, and I'm committed to making some changes - for me - that I believe will benefit our entire family.  In his spare time, Running Man is training for his first IronMan triathlon.  He's nuts, but I love - and am very proud of - him!

Our oldest child is Enthusiastic Explorer Boy (E2B), who is seven and our only son.  He is an avid life learner who continually reminds me of how much fun it is to explore and learn about, well, everything.  Whether he's climbing a tree or reading his way through a series of books, he gives it his all.

Next is our oldest daughter, Princess Wonder.  At the magical age of five, she is vibrant and creative and has a fabulously bohemian sense of style.  When she takes in everything around her she sees magic and wonder and a hidden world of fairies.

Last, but not least, is our youngest daughter, Miss Intrepid.  At the tender age of three, she has a BIG personality in a little body and knows exactly what she wants.  She is a fearless participant in this adventure of life and constantly keeps me on my toes.

Princess Wonder, Running Man with Miss Intrepid, and Enthusiastic Explorer Boy pose for a windy photo after Running Man finished his 3rd marathon in March 2011.  I can be found where I usually am in pictures - behind the camera!
When I asked Running Man what he thought about the monikers that I would be using for our family on the blog he enthusiastically weighed in and then asked me what my "name" would be.  Brittany, I told him.  Hmmm, a bit boring perhaps, but there it is.

"When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses."  ~Dr. Joyce Brothers

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  1. There's nothing boring about you! This is a beautifully written post. Keep up the good work!!