Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rockin' out to ring in the summer

One of my favorite things about summertime (yes, I know it is still spring for a few more weeks, though it sure feels like summer) in this neck of the woods is the wide variety of outdoor events that are held all about town pretty much any night of the week.  I like to take the kids to shows of all sorts, so when I saw that one particular band who I thought they would enjoy going to play locally, I decided to make a night of it.  I want them to know and enjoy the fact that music comes from people and not just from the radio/computer/movies/iPods/insert-electronic-device-here.

After soccer practice and a quick dinner with Running Man (unfortunately he had to work late so he couldn't join us for the rest of the night), this is what our evening looked like.

Princess Wonder got right into the concert going spirit.

While it may not look like it here, Miss Intrepid really dug the whole experience.

We were definitely in the back of the crowd, but when weighing that against having the kids sit around in nearly 100 degree heat waiting for the concert to start so we could sit closer to the stage, I opted for sitting in the back. 

E2B remained very intent in watching every single moment from atop his perch on my chair, Miss Intrepid danced her heart out,  and Princess Wonder just generally enjoyed herself (and climbing from chair to chair).

And who is it we were watching, you might ask.  It was none other than the Monkees!  For those of you who aren't didn't grow up in the US or who otherwise aren't familiar with them, the Monkees were a pop band in the 1960s created for a rather campy television show.  They performed a number of major hits that are still well known today.  My kids - E2B, in particular - were thrilled to hear them sing I'm a Believer (more recently of Smash Mouth/Shrek fame).

It was a late night for us, but a fun one, and I look forward to more outings like it once school wraps up next week.

"Hey, hey we're the Monkees and people say we monkey around.  But we're too busy singing to put anybody down."  ~The Monkees

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  1. We need to do this together! Our kids would LOVE it! :) I hear OAR is coming...that might be another good show for the kids.