Sunday, April 3, 2011


This weekend Running Man, Enthusiastic Explorer Boy (E2B), Princess Wonder, and I participated in a 1 mile kid run and 10K (6.2 miles) race.  This was E2B's third year running in this particular miler and Princess Wonder's first (though she did run in a 1 mile trail run for elementary school children this past fall).  Running Man blew me away by finishing the 10K less than a minute off of his personal record set in high school!  I didn't meet my goal of running in under an hour, but the fact that I didn't work out at all for most of the month of March had everything to do with that.  My reasons for not keeping up my regular gym regimen ran from entirely legitimate (traveling out of state at the end of February to be with my grandmother during her last days of this life, sick children who needed me at home, etc.) to completely lame excuses with only a hint of legitimacy (a lot to do at home, feeling tired and wanting extra sleep, etc.).  As my work out partner - who also missed several weeks of working out during this timeframe - lamented, it takes weeks to build your fitness level up and only days to start losing it.  Nevertheless, I ran the entire race and felt great while doing so.  I finished just a few minutes over my goal time and I am confident that I'll get that down to under an hour before the end of this year.

E2B and Running Man snuggling for warmth before the race

And they're off!  This was the last I saw of them until the finish line. 

Run, Princess Wonder, Run!

About to cross the finish line

While running with Princess Wonder I actually got choked up watching a young boy - he was running in the 5-7 year old wave, I pegged him at 6 - run with two young men who I believe were in their late teens.  I was reading the back of the child's t-shirt - sponsored by a bereavement group whose name I can't remember - that said he was running in memory of (and this was written in his sweet little boy handwriting) "My Daddy" along with his father's name.  The only thing that kept me from actually crying was the fact that it would have been upsetting for Princess Wonder and I didn't want to diminish her excitement.  I was so incredibly sad to think about this young boy's loss and grateful for the two young men who woke up early on a Saturday morning to run with a grieving child.

This particular 10K race is one of my favorites to run and continues to grow every year - this year 41,000 people registered!  The course is flat and takes runners largely through a beautiful historic neighborhood.  Bands are set up every half mile or so and thousands of spectators show up to cheer on the runners.  There is a definite party atmosphere and I've not seen so many red plastic cups since my days as a undergraduate in college.  Even amongst the runners there is a great sense of fun, camaraderie, and support.  You just never know what you're going to encounter along the way.  One of my favorite surprises was seeing the elaborate proposal that had been set up for one of the runners.  At about mile 5 1/2 there was a large sign (think 20' X 10') hanging on the second story of one of the row houses asking someone by the name - or perhaps a nickname - of Hollywood "Will You Marry Me?"  The person proposing had a beautifully appointed table set up with champagne and flowers along the road.  I hope she said yes!

The local paper sponsors a costume contest for runners with both individual and group winners.  The kids had their favorite (who actually took first place for the individual contest).


Angry Birds
This contestant is apparently a second year med student who had to ride with his costume in pieces on the bus to the race where he reassembled it.

The kids said that they liked my group favorite, but it didn't hold quite the same "that rocks!" feeling for them as it did for me.  Someday - when they're old enough to understand and appreciate it -  I'll be sure to introduce them to the comic genius that is Monty Python and the Holy Grail (I took a class about the legend of King Arthur in college that makes me love this movie all the more).

The Three Headed Knight

The Black Knight - "It's just a flesh wound!"

That funny bloke with the coconuts
We had the most bizarre weather on Saturday afternoon that included sunny skies punctuated by brisk winds, thunder storms, and hail.  Nonetheless, Miss Intrepid got to play in her first official soccer game before the rest of the day's games were called off.

Miss Intrepid frequently stopped while she was on the field to flash us a big smile or to run over and give her sister a hug.  Really, how adorable can you get?

Although it was entirely too cold for short sleeves, E2B couldn't wait to take his sweatshirt off (I think he was just excited about the new-to-him shirt I had thrifted last year for him).  He has his hands over his head because we were in the midst of a small hail storm.

Princess Wonder looking for special rocks in the grass while singing to herself.  Her game was cancelled just after we arrived on the field - it was raining and the wind was blowing so hard that the goals wouldn't stay up.  She and her teammates seemed completely flabbergasted as to why they wouldn't be playing.
I hope that you enjoyed your weekend, as well, and that you'll join me tomorrow for Simple Mom's reveal of the final hot spot for Project Simplify and Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday.

"Running has given me the courage to start, the determination to keep trying, and the childlike spirit to have fun along the way.  Run often and run long, but never outrun your joy of running."  ~Julie Isphording, Marathon winner


  1. Look at your three little athletes! They are so adorable. And I am so proud of their accomplishments!

  2. I can barely get my Peanut to walk at the MALL, nevermind run a mile. Good job, kiddos! And Monty Python is a personal favorite, especially the guy with the coconuts. "Brave, Brave, Sir Robin!"