Monday, August 9, 2010

So, what's the point of this blog?

I'm a big fan of the blogosphere and have thought about starting my own blog a number of times over the past few years. That hasn't happened for several reasons. For one, other than a travel blog/journal that I kept for family and friends while living overseas for a few months, I've never felt like I had something different or of particular interest to offer anyone who might read what I've written. Actually, I have had some ideas that I thought might be worthwhile, but the other big thing is that I wasn't sure that I would actually maintain a blog. In the end, I've always chosen not to add yet another "thing" to my plate. What has changed now? Well, I'm still not sure that I have anything to offer/interest anyone else and I'm still not sure that I will post with any regularity (which is kind or ironic considering what the purpose of the blog will be...but I'm getting ahead of myself a bit).

So here's the thing, as I look around and take stock of my life - both day to day and in the big picture - I find that I approach it with a lot of good intentions not but not a lot of intention. Oh, I always have a lot of plans. I have many great recipes that I've been planning to try. And crafts, I have crafting ideas (and supplies!) galore. I have a list of places that I'd love to take the kids during our lazy days of summer. Where has all of this led me? To a huge stack of "ideas" pulled out of magazines, to an overflowing book shelf, and more things-that-I'd-like-to-try bookmarked on my computer than I can even begin to imagine tackling. To haphazard meals slapped together or take out, to a few craft projects in progress but nowhere near completed, and to days that I look back on and I don't know what exactly I've accomplished.

For the a little over a month now, I've been meeting a girlfriend at the gym around 5:30 in the morning to work out during the week (I'm getting to my point here, I promise!). I tried working out like this on my own earlier in the year - sometimes meeting up with a friend - and my efforts were not at all consistent. Upon reflection I realize that what is different now is that I have a specific goal in mind - we're going to run a half marathon in November - and I have someone to whom I feel accountable. Even if I don't particularly feel like getting out bed, I know that my friend is waiting for me and I feel compelled to get moving and meet up with her. I am ALWAYS glad that I have, regardless of the quality of any one particular work out - and the quality of my work outs is higher with her than when I am on my own.

All of that leads me to this blog. I want to approach my days with greater intention and I'm hoping that by putting some of those things that I would like to do into words and then putting them out there for others to read - even if that just turns out to be my mom (love you, Mom!) - I will not just intend to do things, but I will actually DO them. Don't get me wrong, I do a lot of great things for and with family and for myself, but I do them haphazardly. Yesterday is a perfect example of a typical day for me. I woke up early and met my work out buddy. I made myself a healthy green smoothie. I got my oldest child to camp on time. I took all three kids out to buy their school supplies and to fill three back packs for the YMCA's Bright Beginnings program. All good stuff, right? Well, I also only managed slapdash meals for my family. I waited so long to sign my two oldest kids up for fall soccer that they are wait listed in two different leagues and the only way to get them on a team may be to coach one. I not only never took a shower, but I stayed in my work out clothes all day long (a point that was driven home to me when I saw my work out pal last night while trying to sign my kids up for soccer). I started this blog post 24 hours ago. I went to bed after midnight and couldn't really tell you what I did last night. And my house? My house is beyond a disaster, y'all - you should see the mountain of clean laundry waiting to be folded in my bedroom. I do a lot of things that I'm proud of, but I plan poorly and find myself rushing around, getting cranky with my family, and generally not feeling very peaceful.

My goal isn't to accomplish more stuff - though I certainly hope to be more productive. I know that life is messy...especially life with children. My goal is to approach my days with intention. I want to clear mental and physical clutter out of my life. I want to spend more quality time with my family and friends. I want to be less "busy". I want to live the life I dream about. I hope that others can share their ideas and techniques that work well for them. And that all starts here, today.

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